Frequently Asked Questions

Can men attend local PyLadies group events?

It’s up to the local organizer, and usually explicitly stated within an event’s description Generally, groups will hold some women-only events as well as events for both genders (either women and +1 guests, or anyone who wants to attend).

Is there anything like PyLadies specifically for men?

There doesn’t seem to be a burning need for a PyLadies for Men ;) That said, you’re welcome to start any group that fits your needs or concerns.

One enterprising gent has printed “PyLaddies” shirts, and there is an IRC channel on Freenode, #pygents, for the men who love PyLadies =)

Can I use the PyLadies logo and graphics for any purpose?

Yes! But please read our logo usage policy.

TL;DR is that any of the graphics in our PyLadies assets repo can be used for local group promotion and/or to show your support.

Logos used with the intention to sell merchandise, please seek permission from the PyLadies leadership.

There is “official” merchandise sold - with proceeds going towards PyLadies - at our own spreadshirt site.

Can transgender women be PyLadies?

Anyone who considers herself a woman and does Python is a PyLady/Python lady. We support all women, whether female by birth or not.

If the idea of trans people is new to you, you might want to take a look at this fantastic illustrated book about gender, this comic, or any of the many other introductions to trans issues on the internet.

Is your goal to segregate by gender?

No! PyLadies and local PyLadies groups are about making the Python community explicitly welcoming and accessible to women.

Women who wouldn’t otherwise attend a Python user group meeting often attend local PyLadies group events, as a gateway to getting involved with Python programming as a beginner, or getting more involved in the Python community as an intermediate/advanced developer.

What if my question isn’t answered here?

Ask in IRC in the official #pyladies channel on freenode or send an email.