Global PyLadies Community


The global PyLadies community has no formal organization behind it; no board of directors, no appointed leadership. We found that PyLadies growth and success stems from being decentralized and non-bureaucratic.

We do have a few point people that can answer and address general, or non-location specific PyLadies questions. If you are not a local PyLadies leader, you may do so via our general email. If you are a local PyLadies leader, you may email our organizers list (must be added to the mailing list first).

Mailing List

We have a global mailing list in which anyone can join. Be sure to fill out the one request:

To be approved, please give a 1-5 sentence bio about yourself, how you heard about PyLadies, and/or how you use Python.

The mailing list is subject to the PyLadies Code of Conduct.


The Pyladies global newsletter is sent out as regularly as we can make it; all work is voluntary, and all information is volunteered! Everyone who subscribes via the email form on will receive the newsletter.


The editor of an upcoming issue of the PyLadies global newsletter might make an effort to gather info about all the local groups via a message to the organizers mailing list, but the onus is on each group’s organizer(s) to send any updates about a group to the editor if they want to be included.


If you’d like to volunteer to edit the next issue, all you have to do is shoot an email to the organizers mailing list! Warning: it’s a lot of work! We use Mailchimp.