Please read our logo usage policy, but in general, we want the logo to be used as widely as possible to indicate the support of or involvement with PyLadies. If you are a local PyLadies leader, you are free to adapt the logo to your location. (Non-leaders, please ask first when using a derived version of the logo or when in doubt).

TL;DR is that any of the graphics in our PyLadies assets repo can be used for your own group promotion and/or to show your support. You may also alter the PyLadies Wordmark or PyLadies Geek logo to adapt it to your location. Check out examples on our locations site.

Logos used with the intention to sell merchandise, please seek permission from the PyLadies leadership to help setup.

There is “official” merchandise sold - with proceeds going towards PyLadies - at our own spreadshirt site. It’s probably better to go with a bulk t-shirt printer if buying more than a few t-shirts though. You’re free to choose a printer that you like or that may be local. We’ve had good luck with Elegant Stitches (who printed the PyCon 2015 t-shirt) and Custom Ink.