Getting Started


pyladies can be easily installed using:

$ pip install pyladies

So You’ve Decided to Start Your Own PyLadies Group

YAY! We’re excited to have people like you join our growing community and want to help you get your group launched as quickly and painlessly as possible. If our experience is any indication, your first major event will galvanize and inspire the Python community in your area and create momentum for subsequent events, so it’s crucial to start things off on the right foot!

To help you get started, we’ve created an open-source kit for starting your own PyLadies group in your city. PyLadies is part social club, part stepping stone toward the Python open-source world.

How to use this kit

Copy our model (fork & contribute). Or fork and make it completely different. We don’t mind if you get creative!


Here’s all of what needs to be done to start a PyLadies group locally. You may of course adapt this list to meet your group’s needs.


      If you need, find some co-organizers to help with organization and planning.
      Decide the namespace of your group (e.g. or, same with email addresses).
      Fill out the initial PyLadies group interest form to get your namespace setup for your group domain and email.

Once you have received a confirmation that the the initial PyLaides request form was approved and setup, continue on:


      Sign up for Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and/or any social network that would be effective in your location. We suggest to use your email.
      Start up a group for your location.
      Tip: Uber-frugal? Get half-price Meetup fees! Complete all of the Meetup forms, but stop when you reach the payment page. In 24 hours, you will receive an e-mail from, with a link to complete the payment process at half price. :)
      File for a reimbursement for Meetup fees to the Python Software Foundation by following their grant process.
      Sign up for a Heroku account (free) if you have not already.
      Fill out the PyLadies resource form for contact information, all group information, etc.
      Request to join the PyLadies Global Organizers list.
      At minimum, try to hold one event a month -- this helps keep interest in PyLadies from flagging, and helps people maintain their progress in becoming better developers. You can hold more events with proper support and planning.
      Promote the start of the group via various local channels, including, local PUGs, related groups, and universities.
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