2024.01.0 - YYYY-MM-DD (UNRELEASED)#

  • Move to MyST and migrate *.rst files to .md

  • Switch to Furo theme


  • Switch to CalVer YYYY.0M.MICRO format.

  • Reorganize the guides based on audience.

  • Add roles and expectations to prospective organizer section.

  • Update the new chapter request form.

  • Moved items from Prospective Organizers section that are related to setting up meetup/ website into the Organizers section.

  • Mention the PSF’s Meetup Pro Network.

  • Some typo fixes.

  • Add links to organizer registration, password reset form, and organizer directory.

  • Bump dependencies versions.

  • Add dependabot to auto update dependecies.

  • Add netlify previews.

  • Simplify the navigation.

  • Add “Edit on GitHub” link.



  • Trademark Usage Policy

  • Logo Usage Guidelines

  • Guidelines to responding to a Code of Conduct incident

  • [TODO] Resources on how to make a local PyLadies website

  • [TODO] Logos/assets


  • Reorganized doc location/flow


  • Removed the use of the word “chapter”

v2.0 PyPI Release#

  • Release pyladies package on PyPI


  • Checklists on group and event setup

  • More advice on events and group organization

  • Setup for pip installation

  • Included CoC


  • Sphinx

  • Sphinx/RTD theme

  • Reorganized information from original pyladies kit

v1.0 Initial Release#

Initial release of the pyladies-kit.