Can men join PyLadies?#

Anyone can be a PyLady – only condition is to love (or at least want to learn) Python.

However, please be respectful of local events and the policies that local chapters set up.

Can transgender women join PyLadies?#

Anyone can be a PyLady – only condition is to love (or at least want to learn) Python.

Can non-binary people join PyLadies?#

Anyone can be a PyLady – only condition is to love (or at least want to learn) Python.

Is your goal to segregate by gender?#

No! PyLadies and local PyLadies chapters are about making the Python community explicitly welcoming and accessible to women & non-binary folks.

Women and non-binary people who wouldn’t otherwise attend a Python user group meeting often attend local PyLadies events, as a gateway to getting involved with Python programming as a beginner, or getting more involved in the Python community as an intermediate/advanced developer.

Where can I get PyLadies swag?#

There is “official” merchandise sold - with proceeds going towards PyLadies - at our own spreadshirt site.

We also regularly sell t-shirts and give away stickers at the annual PyCon US conference. We might be at other conferences, too.


Can men attend local PyLadies group events?#

It’s up to the organizers of the chapter. Generally, it’s good to hold women- & non-binary-only events as well as events for everyone (either women/non-binary and +1 guests, or anyone who wants to attend). Just be aware that the dynamic of the room tends to change when the male:female ratio becomes lopsided.

A good way to hold an all-inclusive event is to partner with a local Python user group.

Be extra-clear in your event description about whether men are allowed/what the rules are – it will save you a lot of time, and prevent awkward conversations.

How can I make my chapter inclusive?#

We encourage you sure to make trans women and non-binary folks feel welcome by saying so in your meetup group and event descriptions. Here is an example of a statement you could include:

PyLadies [chapter] is welcoming to and respectful of transgender and non-binary people. We encourage all women and non-binary folks to come out to our meetups.

If the idea of trans & non-binary people is new to you, you might want to take a look at this fantastic illustrated book about gender, this comic, or any of the many other introductions to trans issues on the internet.

Have more resources? Awesome - please contribute!

Can I use the PyLadies logo and graphics for any purpose?#

Yes! But please read our logo usage policy.

TL;DR is that any of the graphics in our PyLadies assets repo can be used for local group promotion and/or to show your support.

Logos used with the intention to sell merchandise, please seek permission from the PyLadies leadership.

How do I ask the PSF to cover Meetup fees?#

The PSF financially hosts worldwide Python Meetups on their Meetup Pro Network as long as 3 conditions are met:

  1. The Meetup holds at least 2 events per calendar year (virtual or in-person).

  2. Event content focuses on Python content at least 70% of the time. Content may include adjacent topics, such as networking, basic machine learning, etc.

  3. The Meetup posts the PyLadies Code of Conduct in the About tab of the Meetup page to become and stay eligible for the PSF Meetup Pro network.

Please submit a grant request from the PSF. In order to access the form, you may first have to create a free account on the psfmember.org website. Please send questions to psf-grants@python.org.

What if my question isn’t answered here?#

Please open an issue on GitHub and one of us will get back to you. If you’re a PyLadies organizer, you can always get in touch with us through the #organizers channel on Slack.