Outstanding PyLady Award#


This award is brand new as of January 22nd, 2024! 🎉🎉 The complete award process has not been fully hammered out, but the Global Council wants to invite nominations for this award in time for PyCon US 2024.

The PyLadies community is made up of many remarkable members and volunteers that make significant contributions to bettering the Python community. The Global Council’s Outstanding PyLady award is meant to elevate diverse Pythonistas doing amazing things, to highlight their achievements, and to thank them for all the work they’ve contributed. The intention of this award is to demonstrate that service to the Python community does lead to recognition and reward, rather than to provide a direct incentive to contributors.

Awards will be made periodically (a few times a year), although the Global Council may choose to consider awards more or less frequently. The award is open to women and non-binary PyLadies. Any Python community member may nominate a PyLady at any time. Self-nominations are accepted. Nominations must be made through this Google form (optionally anonymous). The Council will contact nominators to keep them informed of the status of their nominations.

While it would be unusual and rare for a single individual to receive multiple Outstanding PyLady awards, or to be awarded the Outstanding PyLady Award after receiving a PSF Community or Distinguished Service Awards for the same contributions, repeated awards may be appropriate to acknowledge ongoing or new contributions.

Current sitting members of the Global Council may not be considered for the award while they are serving on the Council. However, they may be awarded for their contributions after having served. Nominators who wish to recognize a current Global Council member may consider submitting a nomination to the PSF for a Community Service Award or Distinguished Service Award.

Award winners will be recognized at the next PyCon US. While nominations are accepted year-round, the cut-off date to have nominations considered in time for the upcoming PyCon is the end of the previous year. For instance, for PyCon US 2025, nominations must be received by December 31st, 2024 AOE. This is to give enough time for the Council to review nominations, and for award winners to make travel arrangements for the conference.


PyCon 2024 timing: Since the Council is just announcing this award, for the first year, we’re accepting nominations until February 4th, 2024 AOE. Nominations received after this date will still be considered, but may not be notified in time for PyCon US 2024.


Winners of the Outstanding PyLady award will be notified by the Global Council.

Recognition will take the form of an award certificate, plus one of the following:

  1. Free registration and travel assistance (if needed) to the following PyCon US[1] ; or

  2. A cash award of $1000 USD (Non-US based recipients will be subject to the Federal US tax withholding of 30% unless all requirements are met, according to the Python Software Foundation’s Vendor Policies. Contact accounting[at]python.org with any questions).

Historical winners will be listed on this page as well as on PyLadies’ social media outlets and blog, but awardees may elect to opt out of any publication of their names, as well as remove their names if personal preferences change.

Historical Winners#

Initial winners to be announced at PyCon 2024!

Questions? Feedback? Ideas?#

If you have any questions, thoughts, feedback, we’d love to hear them! Reach out to the Global Council at council[at]pyladies.com.