Event Planning#

Types of Local Groups#

A local group can be:

  1. a geographic group: for a city, region, state, or country

  2. a student group: for a university, college, or school

  3. an interest group: for any topic (e.g. PyGame, SciPy, Django)

The larger the local group, the harder it is to meet in person. Large local group events will be mostly virtual meetups that occur online, whereas small local group events tend to be in-person meetups.

A local group can consist of sub-local-groups, making both the in-person and virtual meetups possible.

Group Size#

It’s fine if your local group is small. Having just 2-3 women who meet regularly to exchange Python tips and tricks counts as a local group. What matters most is quality, not quantity.

Larger local groups have more flexibility to organize different types of events, but it’s harder to get everyone together for dinner.

Event Frequency#

We highly encourage that you hold regular events. At least once or twice a year. Some groups aim to hold one event a month. This helps keep interest in PyLadies from flagging, and helps people maintain their progress in becoming better developers. You can hold more events with proper support and planning.

Suggestions for event types and event resources can be found under Event Ideas and Event Hosting Resources.