Email & Google Apps#

All PyLadies locations will have their own general email address (e.g. You and your other co-organizers can manage that email address how you’d like (e.g. all co-organizers can log in; all email is forwarded; only one organizer manages it; etc).

The email account management is setup with Google Apps. Therefore, every address also has Google Drive. We highly encourage you to use Google Drive for form collection of any sort, document management, etc.

You can also leverage the Google Apps account with your own local Google+ Community/Profile page, Google Contacts & Calendar, and the like.

It is also good practice to keep personal and PyLadies communications separate. You can easily do this if you use the Chrome browser and setup two separate profiles - one for personal and one for PyLadies.

Account & Password Management#

Please sign up for all accounts related to your PyLadies location with the email address. This is so that handover to a future organizer is a lot smoother, and account recovery is easier.

We highly suggest you use a unique password for each account you use for your PyLadies location. LastPass is a password manager (so you don’t have to remember every unique password) that allows you to create unique and difficult-to-guess passwords, as well as save them for you.

LastPass also allows you to share passwords with folks; so you can setup your local PyLadies Facebook account, then store that password in LastPass, and allow your co-organizers to log in with that stored password by sharing it.


Whether it’s or another local event/community site, start the local group with the email address.

You must add a link (or the full text) to the PyLadies Code of Conduct in the “About” section of your Meetup group.

The PSF financially hosts worldwide Python Meetups on their Meetup Pro Network as long as certain conditions are met. Please see the FAQ: How do I ask the PSF to cover Meetup fees? for more information.

Social Media#

You are free and encouraged to use any social media that you’d like (be sure to register the account with your email address! See Account & Password Management).

Be sure to fill out the PyLadies Resource Form for data collection so we can be aware of your local “footprint” - both for PSF trademark reasons (to know if the use of the PyLadies name is legitimate) and for account recovery/handover process.

Global Website#

When you’re ready to go public, you should add yourself to the PyLadies locations page. Please head over to Global PyLadies Website to get started!

Local Website#

Have a few minutes? Or want to make a local event around creating your local PyLadies website? Awesome! Please head over to Create a Chapter Website to get started!

The Handover Process#

TODO (what to do when you want to step down and hand the reins to another organizer)