Adding your Location#

Nearly all locations are listed on our locations page. To get listed on there, you must put it there. :-)


  1. Setup your machine following the Setup your Machine instructions above.

  2. Within the www directory, make an edit to the config.yml file. More about the config.yml file structure below.

  3. Optional: If you don’t have a website setup yet, you can make a simple static page within www/locations/. Read Making a Simple Location Page for more information.

  4. Test your changes by running mynt gen -f _site && mynt serve _site (within the www directory).

  5. Commit the code locally, and push it up to your fork.

  6. Make a pull request against the pyladies/pyladies repository.

config.yml File#

The config.yml file contains most (if not all) of the configuration for the main PyLadies website.


To make your location show up on our locations page, create an entry under chapters.


Important! Please - maintain alphabetical order of the chapters listing!!

Here are the available configuration items you can set, and what they mean/show up as on the locations page.

A complete example:

- name: Austin, TX
  meetup_id: 5947662
  image: pyladies_atx.jpeg
  twitter: pyladiesATX
  meetup: pyladies-atx
      latitude: 30.2711286
      longitude: -97.7436995

Make sure a tick, - precedes the name: attribute (in yaml syntax, it symbolizes another item in a list).

It shows up on the locations page as its own little “card”:

Complete Example



required The name attribute sets the name to show up on the [locations] page. You can as verbose or minimal as you’d like:

Config: name

optional The meetup_id actually corresponds to the Meetup Widget on the website. The code for the Meetup Widget can be found here.

Config: meetup_id

optional The website attribute is the absolute URL for the location’s website, or the relative URL for your location’s page (e.g. atx for


If it is an absolute URL - e.g. it is not relative to the domain (e.g. but is a subdomain (e.g., the external_website attribute needs to be set to True.

Config: website

required if location has a subdomain A boolean flag (if not set, will default to False) for when the location has a subdomain.


required The image attribute is the filename of the location’s image that should be placed in the www/_assets/images/ directory. You can use a standard one that’s already in the repository, or adapt the logo to your location (see Swag, Logo Use, and Adaptation).

Config: image

required The email attribute is the location’s email address.

Config: email

optional The twitter, facebook, google_plus, and github attributes are links to the location’s handle/account. You may set as many as you’d like, or none. If your group uses other social media accounts that you want to publish, please read Adding New Link Types.

Config: twitter

optional The meetup is the Meetup group’s URL name - the string that comes after If your group uses a different service than for event publishing (other than your own location’s website), please read Adding New Link Types.

Config: meetup

required The location attribute is a map of latitude and longitude. If this is set, it will add a pinpoint to the map at the top of the page. It will automatically pull in all the information, too.

Config: location